About Cyrus Web Design

  • We design professional web sites and interfaces for today's digital media. Each design focus on positive user experience and strong visual communication. Our websites are made to look great, increase business, extend market reach and enhance your company's existing marketing tools.

  • With a focus on service and communication we can work more effectively and better understand your business goals. Strong client relationships combined with our flexible methodology allow us to make our websites more usable, customer driven and profitable.

  • We are also a 'needs analyst' of sorts. We don't run any surveys, but we listen and learn about your business needs and meet those needs as best as we can.

  • We ask key questions to help us better understand your business which in turn helps us determine the best solution for your web site. From this we mold our methodology into a project plan that best meets with your requirements.

  • Each plan is different depending on the type of client we're working for and their goals. Knowing more about the current needs of your business helps us brainstorm our ideas and solutions more effectively.

  • Some of the areas in your business we focus on are marketing strategy, advertising, presentation of products and services, competition, branding, budgets, available online technologies and, most importantly, your customers.

Basic Website Package


Start your website as little as $300 with many benefts that we've listed on the left.

Domain Name Registration


Searching and registering the best available domain name.


One year of free technical suport after launch.